Issues to Consider When Designing Your Site - HTML 4

When you start to plan your company’s Web site, the most important task is to consider the kind of people who are going to visit your Web site — potential or existing customers, clients, or partners. After you determine a list of the types of visitors, brainstorm about what they will want from your Web site.

Working with the concept of personas, in which you envision a few of the site’s visitors and what they each want to get from the site, can be valuable. As you lay out the site, think about how each of these imaginary people interacts with your design. Will they find what they’re looking for?

If you are designing a site for a company that has many departments, you will discover that they have different goals. For instance, marketing wants the front page of the site to be a gigantic Flash animation showing all the company’s products, whereas management wants every page on the site to look exactly like a corporate brochure and to be identical in every browser known to man.

Your job, as a Web designer and developer, is not only to design the site but also to educate people around you as to what is actually possible and feasible — while staying within a certain budget.

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