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The main aim of this chapter is to assist you in exploring contemporary management development from within increasingly complex and diverse organisational contexts. Our exploration begins with a discussion of management development: how it is defined, and how it might be differentiated from management training and education. Consideration is then given to the role and objectives of management development and its contribution to organisational strategies.

We then move to examine the more functional aspects of organising, implementing and evaluating management development programmes. Here, the analysis begins with an examination of those who have responsibility for development and how that responsibility is shared. We affirm the need for management development to be supported by a robust HR infrastructure. We then explore the range of formal and less formal methods and techniques employed in the development of managers – making the argument that the choice and implementation of methods must be contingent to meet diverse organizational or individual situations.

Picking up this theme of contingency and diversity, the chapter then explores how management development meets special needs in different contexts. Areas that are examined include management development in the public sector and small firms and the special needs of professionals, international and women managers.

Management development, like management itself, is now in a state of considerable flux. As you would expect, this is giving rise to considerable controversy and tension, and against that backdrop, the final section of the chapter examines some of the issues that face management development in the future.

The chapter concludes with questions, exercises and a case study. These will help you to review and consolidate what you have learned. There is also a list of recommended and further reading included for guidance and reference purposes.

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