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Another supportive concept to consider during the brainstorming part of planning is the training required to allow the successful delivery of sales techniques. It is not safe to assume that all front office personnel are born sales people; indeed, it is probably safer to assume that no one is a born salesperson. The fear of rejection or of intruding on others when pitching a sale is far too real for many people. The front office manager must reduce the negative perception about sales by training and encouraging the staff. Otherwise, the program is doomed to failure. The objective of training is to develop and teach employees methods to use to promote various profit centers of the hotel.

The job of selling is more attractive if employees believe they are presenting opportunities to the guest. Front desk personnel who believe their suggestions are intended primarily to improve the guest’s visit will feel more comfortable with the idea of selling. Confidence in selling will develop if the point - of - sale program is introduced gradually, promotion by promotion, giving employees a chance to try out various techniques. Incentive programs will strengthen employees’ commitment.

Planning the videotaping of a training session will assist in developing a uniqueaid. (Photo courtesy of Radisson Hotels.)

Planning the videotaping of a training session will assist in developing a unique aid

An often overlooked but very effective practice is to allow front office employees to experience the services and products they sell. Familiarity with and appreciation for the chef’s specials, the luxury of an upgraded room, the equipment in the health club, the new merchandise in the gift shop, and the personal assistance provided by the concierge enable the employee to promote these areas knowledgeably and enthusiastically.

Training concepts for each of the areas listed in the promotion target outline must be detailed. It is not sufficient simply to tell a front desk clerk to sell a higher - priced room to a guest with a reservation during registration. Employees should receive suggestions on what to say and when to say it: timing is an important part of the sales opportunity.

Using the video techniques discussed in Chapter, such as videotaping role - playing episodes of the desk clerks promoting hotel products and services within the hotel to the guest, is an extremely effective training procedure. These episodes do not have to be elaborate. They only need to highlight simple approaches to presenting opportunities that enhance the guest experience.

The front office manager who wants to use video as a training option needs to do a little homework first. Preparation for video training requires some thought as to just which skills and behaviors need teaching or reinforcement. Discussions with the directors of other hotel departments (marketing and sales, food and beverage) will provide a basis for promotional concepts. The front office manager will want to take an objective look A few of the senior desk clerks have expressed distaste for having to promote future reservations at checkout. What do you think is the basis for their view? How would you handle the situation? at the salesmanship skills of the front office staff. How outgoing are they? How adept are they at recognizing the needs and wants of the guests? The front office manager must then decide which specific promotional areas will be highlighted in the video.

At the outset, the front office manager may want to choose only one or two areas. With these promotional areas in mind, the front office manager should write a script for the role - playing episode. It should include the specific behaviors or skills that the employee is expected to master. Producing the video will involve scheduling a time that is conducive to shooting a video. Employee work shifts will have to be adjusted accordingly. Time for rehearsal will also have to be planned. The planning will also need to take into consideration budgetary issues regarding the rental or purchase of a video camera and related equipment.

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