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Specific safety training programs should be developed by each department director. The directors will review their departments to determine where safety training is needed. Security, equipment operation, sanitation, chemical use, transport of materials, and movement of equipment are areas to examine in compiling a program. The orientation program is the best opportunity for providing employees with safety training. Films, handouts, and booklets produced specifically to teach the safe way to perform a task will help to reinforce on - the - job training and practice.

Regularly scheduled training sessions with notations of progress for use in the annual employee review are a necessity; otherwise, the employee gets the impression that management is showing that same old film again just to meet the insurance company’s requirements. Safety training sessions should be scheduled when the employee is able to concentrate on the session and is not distracted by other duties. This may mean that sessions must be scheduled before or after a shift, with additional pay. If management wants to enhance safety with training programs, then this has to become a budget item. Planning for safety takes time and financial investment.

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