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Figure shows the layout of a computerized front office. While manual equipment is still being used in some independent properties, the computerized system has become the system of choice, primarily because of the needs of guests, management, and owners. Guest First Impression The front desk has always held a pivotal position of importance in the lodging operation. It is one of the first points of contact with the guest, and, as such, its ambience sets

Front Office Layout and Equipment in Hotel

The layout of computerized equipment centers on guest service and employeeefficiency

layout of computerized equipment centers

the tone for the hotel. Neatness, orderliness, attractiveness, quality, and
professionalism are just a few of the impressions that the front desk should convey to a guest. The guest wants to feel important, safe, and in the hands of professionals. The impression the physical layout of the desk creates will assist the front office in creating a positive image for the operation. Providing hospitality to the guest and promoting in - house sales are of great importance to the continued financial success of the operation. To provide an environment for these objectives to be met, a well - planned physical arrangement of the front desk is important.

Creating a Balance between Guest Flow and Employee Work


The front desk should be positioned so that it accommodates the guest while enabling employees to work efficiently. Guests who wait in line for ten minutes only to be told they are in the wrong line will have a negative first impression. Likewise, a desk clerk who has to wait to use a printer or share a computer terminal will not be as efficient as possible. As you become familiar with the practice of processing guests at the front desk, you will see how easy it is to plan a layout of the physical equipment needed.

Guest Safety

The position of the front desk is usually determined by the main entrance of the building and the location of the elevator. The front desk clerk and the night auditor must be able to see anyone who enters the hotel, to ensure a safe environment for the guest. Positioning the front desk on the same side as the main entrance and the elevator is not recommended. Figure shows a few arrangements that allow entrances to be monitored. In all three settings, the front desk clerk has a view of who is coming into the hotel

Front office staff have a clear view of persons entering the lobby from the street entrance or elevator

Front office staff have a clear view of persons entering the lobby

from the street entrance and who is coming off the elevator. This view is essential to the night auditor, who assists security in monitoring the activities in the hotel lobby.

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