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The major positions found in a large, full - service hotel or resort are presented in Figure. This lodging property features:

  • 500 - rooms in a commercial property
  • Center - city or suburban location
  • (ADR) $110 average daily rate- number of rooms sold versus room income
  • 70 percent occupancy - number of rooms sold versus number of rooms available
  • 58 percent yield - number of rooms sold at average daily rate versus number of rooms available at rack rate, the highest room rate category offered by a hotel
  • $18.5 million in revenues
  • Full service
  • Chain - company ownership
  • Corporate guests- frequent guests who are employed by a company and receive a special room rate
  • Convention guests-guests who attend a large convention and receive a special room rate
  • Meeting and banquet rooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Lounge with entertainment
  • Exercise facilities with indoor pool
  • Gift shop
  • Business office and retail rentals
  • Attached parking garage
  • In-house laundry -a hotel - operated department that launders guest linens
  • Referral reservation service- a service offered by a management company of a chain of hotels to franchisee members

To function as a well - run lodging facility, this property requires the following department heads:

  • Organization Charts
  • General manager
  • Assistant general manager
  • Controller
  • Plant engineer
  • Executive housekeeper
  • Human resources manager
  • Recreation director
  • Athletics director
  • Marketing and sales director
  • Gift shop manager
  • Front office manager
  • Food and beverage director
  • Garage manager

The corporate owners have entrusted the financial success of this organization to the general manager, who must organize departments to provide optimum service to the guest. Each department is well organized and staffed to allow the supervisor time to planand develop the major revenue - producing areas.

The marketing and sales director, gift shop manager, front office manager, food and beverage director, and garage manager develop programs that increase sales and profits and improve cost - control methods. Those supervisors who do not head income - generating departments - controller, plant engineer,executive housekeeper, human resources manager, recreation director, and athletics director - rovide services to the guest, principally behind the scenes.

For example, the controller develops clear and concise performance reports that reflect budget targets. The physical plant engineer, the person responsible for the operation and maintenance of the physical plant, establishes an effective preventive maintenance program.The executive housekeeper, the person responsible for the upkeep of the guest rooms and public areas of the lodging property as well as control of guest room inventory items, keeps on top of new trends in controlling costs and effective use of personnel.

Thehuman resources manager, the person who assists department managers in organizing personnel functions and developing employees, provides leadership in attracting new hires and maintaining a stable yet progressive approach to utilization of personnel. The recreation director, the person who is in charge of developing and organizing recreational activities for guests, and the athleticsdirector, who is responsible for supervising physical exercise facilities for guests, provide direct hospitality services for the guest, helping to ensure a safe and interesting guest stay.

Figure outlines the organization of a somewhat smaller lodging property. This hotel features:

  • 200 rooms in a commercial property
  • Suburban location
  • 65 percent occupancy
  • 53 percent yield

Notice that several of the positions listed in the full-service hotel organization chart have been eliminated from this one for a medium-size lodging property


  • $4.5 million in revenues
  • $75 average daily rate
  • Full service
  • Chain - franchise
  • Corporate guests
  • Local - community guests
  • Dining room
  • Lounge
  • Outdoor pool
  • Referral reservation service

The department heads required include:

  • General manager
  • Maintenance / groundskeeper
  • Front office manager
  • Controller
  • Restaurant manager
  • Housekeeper

This managerial staff seems somewhat skeletal when compared to that of a large hotel or resort. This type of organization chart is possible because the level of service provided to guests has been reduced. At this property, the guest’s stay is one to two nights, and adining room and lounge are provided for convenience. Many of the department heads are working supervisors, which means they participate in the actual work performed while supervising. Laundry and other services are contracted out. The controller provides accounting services as well as human resources management.

The maintenance / grounds keeper oversees indoor and outdoor facilities. The front office manager and the clerks take care of reservations as well as registrations, posting, checkout, and the like. The restaurant manager works very closely with the cook and hostess in maintaining quality and cost control and guest services. The housekeeper inspects and cleans rooms and maintains linen and cleaning supply inventories as well as providing leadership for the housekeeping staff.

Figure shows the organization chart of a typical limited - service property, muchscaled down from that of a large hotel.

The features of the property are:

  • 150 rooms in a commercial property
  • Highway location
  • 60 percent occupancy
  • 51 percent yield
  • $2.2 million in revenues
  • $65 average daily rate
  • Limited service
  • Chain - franchise
  • In - house laundry
  • Vacation travelers
  • Business travelers
  • Complimentary continental breakfast - juice, fruit, sweet roll, and / or cereal

Organizational Chart of Front Office Department in a Hotel

The organization chart for a small, limited-service lodging property includes only minimal staffing. Several duties have been combined under various positions


  • Referral reservation service
  • Business services and communications center- guest services that include copying, computers, fax, and so forth

The department heads include:

  • General manager
  • Front office manager
  • Housekeeper
  • Maintenance manager

The general manager is a working supervisor in that he or she participates in the actualwork performed while supervising at the front desk. The general manager at this type of property assists with marketing plans, reservations, maintenance, and groundskeeping, maintains financial records; and implements cost - control measures. The front office manager works regular shifts to provide coverage along with the night auditor and desk clerks.

The housekeeper, also a working supervisor, assists the room attendants, employees who clean and maintain guest rooms and public areas.

The organization charts shown here have been developed by evaluating the needs of the guests. The organization of departments and the subsequent staffing are influenced by the labor pool available, economic conditions of the region, and the financial goals of the organization. Each organization chart varies depending on the factors influencing a particular lodging establishment. Flexibility is essential in providing service to the guest and leadership to the staff.

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