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Administering the orientation program requires planning by the front office manager. The front office is a hectic place, and there is much for the new employee to learn. Concern for the guests and the services and information they require must be a priority.

A standard orientation checklist should be prepared, which summarizes all items that must be covered during orientation, such as that shown in Figure. This will ensure that the new employee has been properly introduced to the front office. This checklist should be initialed by both the new employee and the orientation supervisor after the program is complete, to verify that all policies have been covered. This ensures that no one can claim to be ignorant because there is written evidence that the material was covered in the orientation program.

The orientation program should be delivered by a member of the supervisory staff or a trained senior staff member in the front office. This person must have the ability to convey the attitude of the organization as well as the tasks of the employees. Who ever handles the orientation should not be on duty at the same time: it is impossible to explain so much about the property to a new employee while performing other tasks as well.

The orientation program helps the employer - employee relationship begin on the right foot. It introduces the workplace, guidelines and procedures, co - workers, and management staff to the new hire. The orientation program also introduces new employees to their work environment and encourages them to be a part of it.

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