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What are Hockey Variants?

Like every other sport, hockey also has variants. They are Roller Hockey, Sledge Hockey, Ice Hockey. Every game ultimate goal is to score more goals. The methods and environment the games played are different.

Field Hockey

In Field hockey, synthetic ground or ground with grass are used. Grass ground is mostly used in Europe for women teams. Earlier, the players are found injured during the play but due to rules and advancements the players are found safe by following precautions.


Ice Hockey

Here the ground is made of ice. Players move using skates on the ground. They will have different kind of bats than regular one. Ball is also different here as it is disc like solid and will roll. Ice hockey is very fun to play and to watch.


Sledge Hockey

Particularly for disabled people, to experience the joy of Ice hockey this game came into existence. Players will be resting on a board and the board will roll on the ice with skates. The rules and game willbe similar to Ice hockey. Even normal people can play this game.


Roller Hockey (Quad and In-line)

This again has two types, in-line and quad. Quad skates are used in quad type. Ball is used instead of disc solid and the equipment for goal keeper is completely out of proportion to other forms of hockey. More than 60 countries play this version of hockey.


In the later version of the game, in-line skates are used. This is easy when compared to quad. There are 3 sessions each 15 minutes.


Bandy is Russia’s national sport. Later in mid 20th century, a bandy federation was formed in Europe which made this game very popular. This game is played in football sized field. It is alike to ice hockey. Bandy is becoming popular in North America and Asia.


Street Hockey

Without any safeguard and rules, this game is played in streets. A ball is used and a hard surface on streets.


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