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What are Hockey terms?

We discuss the most prominently used terms in the sport and understand them to know the game clearly.

  • 16 yard hit – this is when a opponent team player hits the ball over end line, then it goes at 16 yards from the goal.
  • Advancing – If a player uses his body part while hitting the ball then a penalty is given.
  • Attack (Attacker) – Player who is on goal spree.
  • Back-line – The line that marks the field width or along the goal post.
  • Bully – For some reason the game is stopped and the ownership for the reason is not known then the ball is placed in between the players and restarted.
  • Center pass – When a goal is scored then a free hit is given, this is also called as pass back.
  • pass_back
  • Circle – The area covering the goalpost and backline in the center is called Circle.
  • Clearing – It is the ball moving away from goal when hit for a goal.
  • Cross – In order to score points, the ball is passed towards other player in front of opposite team goal and is called Cross.
  • Dangerous Play – Situation which results in bruise/cut to the players.
  • Defense (Defender) – Player who tries to stop the ball from reaching their goal post by blocking opponent team attacker.
  • Dribble – In order to confuse the defenders, players move sideways and forward and backward and change the position of the ball from right to left.
  • Drive – Using swing action, hitting the ball is called Drive.
  • Field Player – Other than goal keeper, the player on field are Field Players.
  • Field Player with Goalkeeping Privileges – Player other than regular goalkeeper who has the privileges of a goal keeper. They wore distinctive colored shirt to get spot easily.
  • Flagrant Foul – If a player purposely hits/hurts other player then it is called Flagrant Foul and he/she is excluded.
  • Flick – Player can pass the ball through air by flicking it. The rule is that it doesn’t rise more than 17 inches height.
  • Free Hit – If the attacker makes a foul then the defending team will get the Free hit. During this hit, opponent team will be five yards far to the ball.
  • Goalkeeper – Player who prevents the opponent team from scoring a goal and wears extra protective gear.
  • Goal-line – It is the line between the two extreme goalposts.
  • Hit – Using swinging stick to hit the ball and drive is the hardest hit.
  • Long Hit – Hitting the ball from any offense corner.
  • Mark – This is displayed by the defending team when the offending team enters their zone. They remain in that position until the ball is taken away from their zone.
  • Misconduct – During the game, if any player misbehaving with other players then he/she is given penalty.It can be a green card to indicate warning , yellow card for suspending from play for five minutes and red card to stop playing.
  • Obstruction – In order to block the other player from taking the ball away, using the bat or body parts is called Obstruction.
  • Penalty Corner – It is a bonus awarded to the team if other team makes a foul inside the striking circle. From the goal about 10 yards away distance the ball is hit. While hitting the ball, the attacking team stands outside the goal and the defending team five players at the end line and remaining players behind the center line to stop the goal. The penalty corner ends when the ball is stopped from reaching the goal post.
  • Penalty Stroke – This is awarded when a goal is stopped with a foul.
  • Push – It is when the player moving the ball along the court using the bat with the ball in contact to bat.
  • Raised Ball – When the ball is passed over air like flicking, Scooping, Chipping.
  • Scoop – Passing the ball over air.
  • Side-line – It represents the court length.
  • Striker – Player striking the ball.
  • Tackle – Action of taking the ball away other team players.
  • Undercutting – When the bat is swing harder to raise the ball then a penalty is given.

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