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What isHockey Playing Environment?

Ground Design

Hockey ground should be neat and clean as it is the most demanding in this sport. The playing surface is unbelievably durable and should be always maintained. There are two designs Crown design and Diagonal fall design commonly used.

In the diagonal fall design, the water on the surface is collected at a pit placed in the corner while in the Crown design the water flows to the four corners of the court. This base design is followed in designing other grounds as well.

Once we are done with covering base, In-situ shock pad that consists of polyurethane binder and black SBR granules should be coated upon the base. During the play, bat comes in contact with the ground. To make the ground hard and give good grip to the bat, the shock pad is laid to certain depth. FIH requires the playground to be shock absorbent in Hockey game.


Next one in this process is Grass Installation. This is done with Joining Tapes by fixing. Glue is used in case of wet field. The pieces of grass are back folded and using tapes which are 2 pack PU adhesive they are joined.


In Olden days, grass field or natural turf is used in general. Later artificial turfs came into existence which took over the natural ones. It is made compulsory from 1976. FIH decides the rules on lines, markings, and goals.

Very general ground dimensions are 100 yards by 60 yards. The ground covers total of 1.24 acres which is almost 5027 square meters. The playground is rectangular in shape. There are back lines and side lines in the hockey. Back lines are short perimeter edges and side lines are long perimeter side. Goal lines are the lines that separate the goal posts. Each line is 75mm wide and white colored. We can observe a flag is placed on the four corners which is of height 1.3 to 1.5 meters.


The goal post dimensions are as follows. The inner edge should be 4 yards distance. The cross bar must be 2.13 meters above the ground level. The crossbar and goalposts should be 50 to 75mm deep and 50mm wide. At the outer level of the goalpost there will be a net for stopping the ball.

With above furnished standard design and lengths that are set by FIH as the rules, the hockey field is formed. There were changes to the dimension in earlier days of the game and later in 1987 the rules are fixed and continued to use the same till today.

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