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What are the roles of players in hockey?

Hockey is played by 11 members where 16 is the total count where 5 are for substitution. The game has came from the English Public Schools level to Olympics. FIH decides the rules of the game.

Out of 11, one is goal keeper and others are on field players. A substitute can be played at any time of the match and can come number of times. Below is the list of players and their duties.


He is the considered to be the crucial player in the entire team members. He has to stop the other team from scoring the goal.

Below are the few important duties of the Goal Keeper.

  • Should be agile and fast.
  • Possess proficiency in using both feet.
  • Judge the angle at which the ball comes and catch/stop it.
  • Should arrange the defense and communicate well.

Goalkeeper position should meet below demands.

  • Able to stop the ball coming towards goalpost.
  • Stop the attacking team’s points by ordering his players in defensive mode.
  • Have better connection with all the players.


  • They are situated in four different places at right half, right back, left half and left back. Their main role is to safeguard the back four and stop the other team from scoring goals.
  • Below are the defender features.
  • Can move swiftly and turn sideways quickly.
  • Strong enough to block the other player, take control over the ball and passing it to their team players.
  • Thoughtful in tackling the situation with both zonal defense and man to man approach.
  • Should look at the player position and find the possibilities in passing the ball to have a better opportunity in scoring a goal.


There are 3 places where a midfield player is located i.e., inside left, inside right and center half. It is considered as the team’s engine room in the court as it acts as a link between defenders and attackers.

Below are the midfielder characteristics -

  • Should be fast, agile and fit enough to move at a great pace.
  • Having rigid technical knowledge base on the sport.
  • Able to pass, carry a ball while shooting and receiving.
  • Highly knowledgeable on the overall game.
  • Choose the best defensive strategy for that moment and applying them.


Basic requirement is to create chances to score goal. They score goals by working with other players as a whole and find the chances wherever and utilizing the best option.

Below are the Striker features.

  • Should create pressure on the opponent team players.
  • Have a clear picture on the angles where the defense and attack are possible.
  • Should be fast, agile and fit enough to move at a great pace.
  • Should lead the team towards goal and winning the match.
  • Check for the possible opportunity and executing it.

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