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A hockey player should be well trained in shooting, passing, stopping and pushing the ball with their bat. It is not a one man effort; it should be team effort in order to secure a goal finally.

No Feet

Players should touch the ball only with their bats and not with their feet or other body parts. Goalkeeper has the privilege to catch the ball using hands and he can use his body as well to block the ball from going to goalpost.


There are several ways to score a goal in the game like field goal, penalty corner and penalty stroke.

Taking a Penalty Corner

For a penalty corner, the attacking team players will stand to attack and the defending players where four are along with goal keeper behind the baseline outside or inside of goal and remaining players will be behind the half way line. From attacking team, seven players will be attacking as one player will pass the ball from baseline to start the penalty shot.

Depending on the setup of team, there can be a stopper at the top of D or not. Before re-entering the D from injection shot aiming at goal then ball should go out of D first. The ball can be dragged or deflected during the shot to make it count.


Taking a Penalty Stroke

If rules are broke in D, then there is a chance of giving penalty stroke incase of definite goal. The attacker stands 6.4 meters away from the goal and strikes at the goalkeeper. During the goal, the time is paused.


In general, foul happens in case of players stopping ball with body part or feet and is not allowed in the game. A free hit is given to the opposite team in case of foul. Ball can be scooped to pass it but if it is done dangerously then it is treated as foul.

In course of taking control on the ball, players might get little rough with other team players. Referee observes the players closely and takes decisions in declaring fouls. Referees carry three color cards to represent the fraud level.

  • Green card – Player is warned about his behavior and it is a sign of hinting him red or yellow card next time if he continues to do so. In international matches, player will be out of pitch for 2 minutes.
  • Yellow card – Player will be suspended but the time is determined by the umpire, in general it would be 5 minutes. If the infringement is high then the time will exceed.
  • Red card – Player will be out of that match. Sometimes the ban can be for few more matches.

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