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What is Hockey equipment?

The main equipment of this sport is stick and ball. Along with them helmet, shoes, glove, shin guard etc are used in hockey.

Below are the list of equipments used by the players and goalie in the match.

Hockey Stick – Stick made of wood varies in length from 25’’ to 38’’ to adjust to the player height. The shape of bat is hook like at the top/head. Depending on the player efficiency there are four different types, shorti, midi, maxi and J Hook.

  • Players who have excellent skills in controlling the ball use the shorti. Usually, mid field players use the most.

  • Players on the reserve side who often hit the ball use the midi type. This bat is used by Strikers.

  • Defenders or attackers use the maxi type bat. The difference between the midi and maxi is the surface area which is increased in maxi.

  • Even more surface area for J Hook type bat. Used in stopped the ball with the thickness is preferred to use by defenders.

Ball – The hockey ball is white colored and spherical shaped made of cork core. The ball color can be changed in different ground. The ball dimension is 223 to 234 mm circumference and weighs about 162 gms. In order to make the ball work in wet grounds, the ball surface is hallowed.

  • Shin guards – Helps in protecting the players’ shin.

  • Mouth guards – Helps in protecting the teeth and mouth of the player during match.

  • Helmet and throat protector – Protects the throat and head from injuries.
  • Cleats (Shoes) – Shoes that are free to walk and run on the ground.

  • Goggles, Gloves, Head bands – Goalies use the gloves and Goggles. Other players use the headbands.

  • Goalie sticks and heads – These sticks and heads are different that are used by goal keepers to hit the ball.

  • Face Mask – This covers up all the face except eyes and this is the new equipment in the game. It is made of fiber.

  • Body Pad or Chest Protector – Body pad is worn within the uniform and covers the ribs.

  • Pads – Used to protect legs and knees.

  • Kicker – This is used by goalkeeper and usually strong needed when goal keeper blocks or kicks the ball while preventing the goal to happen.

Above are the list of equipment used in the hockey and major portion of them are used by goalkeepers.

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