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Who are Hockey champions?

We will take you to the few great players Hockey has even seen. They played for their country and brought awards.

Dhyan Chand, Balbir Singh Sr., Leslie Claudius and Dhanraj Pillay are famous players from India where Hockey is the national sport.

Santi Freixa (Spain)

Santi Freixa
Santi is from Europe. He played for Spain in 2008 Olympics and won a silver medal. He is also awarded as best young player by FIH.

He is part of Stick for India campaign that helps in children of Anantapur district with hockey and education skills. He is famous for his off field activities. He is Spain’s hckey national team captian.

Teun de Nooijer (Netherlands)


This Dutch player is so inspirational to many young players. In Olympic games, he won 4 medals two each gold and silver. He played his part in winning 9 national championships and European Cup in 2000.

He retired recently after achieving many records. He is the inspiration to many young talents with his skill and dedication.

Dhyan Chand (India)


He is well known for his on and off field behavior. He controls the ball and successful in breaking the opposition defense very easily. He is treated as best hockey player ever.

In Olympic games, India won 3 consecutive gold because of him. Many followed his game and skills and call him as magician of hockey fondly.

Leslie Claudius (India)


Very popular after Chand, experts say that he was born to play hockey. He has lots of stamina and never get tired during play. He is part of Hockey team that won more Olympic game medals and it is a Guinness Record.

In 1948, 1952, 1956 Olympic Games he won gold medals and in 1960 he won silver medal under his captaincy.

Ties Kruize (Netherlands)


This Dutch player holds the record of scoring 167 goals in just 200 games and is treat to watch him on field. He had to stop playing after he met with an accident.

Shockingly, he came back with perfect health and took part in WC 1973 and won gold and two Champion Trophies held in 1982-83 and EC in 1983

Jamie Dwyer (Australia)


Dwyer has excellent skills with feet and tackling ball and is treated as legend of hockey in present times. He swiftly changes the positions from defender to attacker or attacker to defender within no time and is fondly called foetus.

He has won five times the World Player of the Year. He won a gold medal in Olympics for Australia. For his nation, he has won gold in WC and CWG.

Hassan Sardar (Pakistan)


Hassan is from Pakistan and is known for his attacking skills. During 20th century, he is regarded as best player from Pakistan. He breaks the defense of opposition easily and was the finest dribbler.

In several international tournaments, he won Player of tournament in Asian Games, World Cup and Asia Cup in 1982 and also in Olympics in 1984. In all the final matches, he scored goals and it’s a record.

Luciana Aymar (Argentina)


Aymar is best dribbler than anyone and regarded as greatest female hockey player ever. In 2002 and 2010, her team won WC titles. She won World Player of the Year title 8 times.

She started her career at very junior level and won several competitions. In 2012 Olympics, she was the flag bearer for Argentina. She is the second hockey player to do that.

Natascha Keller (Germany)


Keller is very famous player winning a gold medal in Olympics. She played for Germany and about 401 matches she represented.

In 2004 Olympics, she won gold medal. In 2012 Olympics, she was the flag bearer for Germany. Not only her but her family also has roots in the hockey game that led her to play for country.

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