H2 Database Interview Questions & Answers

H2 Database Interview Questions

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H2 Database Interview Questions And Answers

H2 Database Interview Questions
    1. Question 1. What Is H2 Server?

      Answer :

      To connect to H2 server, make sure your H2 server instance is started, select the H2 Server option as the connection type, and use the browse button to select the h2.jar file that was downloaded. Enter any login information, and the host, port, and database name. The default port is 9092.

    2. Question 2. Which Is The Description Of Learn H2 Database?

      Answer :

      H2 is an open-source lightweight Java database. It can be embedded in Java applications or run in the client-server mode.In this brief Learn H2 Database, we will look closely at the various features of H2 and its commands, one of the best open-source, multi-model, next generation SQL product.

    3. Question 3. Explain The H2 Database 1.0 Update?

      Answer :

      H2 is an open-source lightweight Java database. It can be embedded in Java applications or run in the client-server mode.

      H2 database can be configured to run as in-memory database, which means that data will not persist on the disk.

    4. Question 4. What Is H2 Embedded?

      Answer :

      To connect to H2 embedded, select H2 Embedded as the connection type, and use the browse button to select the h2<version>.

      jar file that was downloaded. Select whether or not to create a new database or an existing database, and enter the name of the database file.

    5. Question 5. Explain The Monitoring H2 Database?

      Answer :

      There are several options for monitoring the H2 database. Obviously if you are running H2 in the in-memory mode you should launch a SQL tool running in the same JVM where WildFly is running.

      On the other hand, if you are running client-server mode you can monitor externally the Database, just like any other commercial DB.

    6. Question 6. What Is H2 Database – Jdbc Connection?

      Answer :

      A function that returns a result set can be used like a table. See also the sample application org.Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. H2 database jdbc [File], [New], [Database]. Please note that changing the time zone after the H2 driver is loaded is not database.

    7. Question 7. Explain The H2 Database Engine?

      Answer :

      If there is hdbc power failure, the main data area is not up-to-date, but because the changes are in the transaction log, the next time the database is opened, the changes are re-applied automatically.

      How to access specific H2 database Ask Question. H2 provides a web interface called the H2 Console to see the data.

    8. Question 8. Which Is Connect To The Embedded H2 Database Using Db Visualizer?

      Answer :

      If you need to make changes directly in the database, and you're using the H2 database, here's how you can connect to it using DBVisualizer. 

      1. Shut down Confluence.
      2. Back up your /database directory.
      3. Launch DBVisualizer.
      4. Choose Create new database connection and follow the prompts to set up the connection.

    9. Question 9. Which Is Connect To The Embedded H2 Database Using The H2 Console?

      Answer :

      Alternatively you can connect using the browser based H2 console. The easiest way to access the console is to double click the H2 database jar file at confluence WEB-INF linh2-x.x.x.jar.

    10. Question 10. What Is Migrate To A Supported External Database?

      Answer :

      If you're using the H2 database, but running Confluence as a production system, you should start planning to migrate to a supported database as soon as possible. 

      To migrate to a supported external database:

      1. Check Supported Platforms to find out which databases and versions are supported.
      2. Head to Migrating to Another Database for a step-by-step guide.

    11. Question 11. How Is H2 Data Base Supports On A Features?

      Answer :

      Eclipse Kura supports the following H2 database features:

      • Persistence modes: The H2 implementation currently supports in-memory and file-based database instances. See Persistence Modes for more details.
      • Multiple database instances: It is possible to create and configure multiple database instances from the Kura Web UI, these instances can be selectively consumed by applications. A default database instance is created automatically.
      • TCP Server:The current implementation allows external processes to access the database instances managed by Kura using TCP. This enables the integration of external applications that can share data with Kura components using the database.
      • Web based console: It is possible to start the H2 Web console directly from the Kura Web UI. The console can be used to inspect the database contents and perform arbitrary queries for debug purposes.
      • Basic credential management: The current implementation allows to change the password of the admin DB user from the Kura Web UI. This allows to restrict access to existing database instances.

    12. Question 12. What Changes To Database Related Components?

      Answer :

      The DataService in Eclipse Kura uses the H2 database by default for implementing the message store.

      The new H2Db WireRecordFilter and H2Db WireRecord Store Wire components have been added.

    13. Question 13. How Many H2 Data Base Persistence Modes?

      Answer :

      The H2 database support several levels of persistence modes.

      • Most persistent: A persistent database instance can be created using the jdbc:h2:file:, where is a non-empty string that represents the database path.
      • Examples: bc:h2:file:/opt/db/mydb
      • Mostly persistent: In order to reduce the probability of data losses the H2Db Service performs periodic checkpoints on the database.
      • Examples: jdbc:h2:file:/opt/db/mydb;LOG=0

    14. Question 14. How To Connect To Embedded H2 Database Installation?

      Answer :

      The h2 data base is connect a three installations of the system:

      1. Download and Install H2 Database engine.
      2. Access the H2 Database browser.
      3. Connecting to the H2 Database embedded with ThingWorx.

    15. Question 15. How To Connect To H2 Database During Development/testing Using Spring-boot?

      Answer :

      • Often times during development we would want to look inside the database to view the schema or data.
      • H2 is a perfect choice for in-memory databases during testing since we do not have to install the database.
      • Spring-boot provides a convenient way to hook up the H2 database. All we need to do is provide the dependency in pom.xml.

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