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What is Google Plus Reporting a Post?

If we see any violation on Google+ which is contrary to the rules, we can instantly report it. Violation may comprise bullying, threatening, hate speech, sharing someone’s photos or videos without their permission, spam, illegal or violent content, etc.,

We capture a screenshot of the violation and send it to the local law administration. Google takes an instant action if the content or the picture violates their policies. They will either remove the entire content, page, or disable the activity of the user. If anybody bothers us on Google+, then there is a choice to block the users or delete them from our circles.

Resulting are the steps to report a post using Android app −

Step 1 − Open the Google+ account.

Step 2 − Click the post that is to be reported.

Step 3 − Click the Menu icon.

Step 4 − On the computer, the option is available on the top right corner of the post. Select the drop-down menu and click the option ‘Report this post’.

Report a Post using a Mobile Browser

Resulting are the steps to report a post using a mobile browser −

Step 1 − Open the Google+ account.

Step 2 − Click the post to be reported.

Step 3 − Click on the Menu icon.

Step 4 − On the mobile browser, click the action menu located on the top right corner. Select ‘Report abuse’ and finally click ‘Report’.

If we find anybody posting illegitimate content that is violating the copyright policies of Google, we can help Google by sending a request to remove the content. Every time remembers that somewhat you find violated may not be a spam according to the policies. Nevertheless, step up and voice your objection against any identity-related violation, offensive posts, illegal activity, pornography, etc.

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