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What is Google Plus Insights?

Google+ insights help in gaining a vision to our page insights for last month. Insights offer statistical information about the numbers of views of our posts, our recent new groups, and information on any lately added community or group.

Google+ insights favor us by presenting all the activities on our profile at times when we are preoccupied and are not active. We can find out how many followers are signing in with Google+.

Types of Analytics

There are mostly three types of analytics within Google+ insights.


The visibility option provides the historical activity. It displays the number of viewers we have had in the last 30 days. We can select from when we want to examine, however the automatic default is 30 days. It comprises profile views including posts, photos, uploads, etc.

Visibility is basically the views about our business details and these views include −

  • Picture views
  • Page views
  • Search views
  • Content views

If our post or picture is revealed to a single individual in both his/her Gmail account and Google+, it will only be counted for once and that is under the label of Google+. Insights also helps to view the analytical data of the action on our posts like comments or shares.


It displays the number of +1’s, shares and comments a page got over the month. This Google+ insight helps managers calculate the metrics about each post. For the first 72 hours, the statistical data displays after a gap of an hour.

We can even analyze which photo or video of ours was the most engaging, how many people are sharing our content. The new posts unit gives an idea on the number of views on the post along with analytics on the number of likes and comments on our post.


This extraordinary insight reports the growth of groups for our posts, pictures, or page. Information about the followers, whether they are outside our country can also be obtained.

With the help of gender and age graph, we can calculate gender and age percentage. Hence, the age group of followers can be easily calculated.

How to Access Insights?

Following are the steps to access Google+ insights.

On Personal Computer

Step 1 − Open the Google+ account.

Step 2 − Log in to the page ‘Google my business’.

Step 3 − Select the page to be managed.

Step 4 − Click ‘View insights’ from ‘Insights’ on the dashboard.

On Mobile

Step 1 − Open the Google+ account.

Step 2 − Log in to the page ‘Google my business’.

Step 3 − Click the drop-down menu.

Step 4 − Choose insights.

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