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What is Google Plus Creating a New Account?

Following are the steps to create a new account.

Step 1 − Create a Gmail account. It is always advisable not to use the existing account if we are creating an account for business purposes. Create a new account and allow only business team members to your circles.
Step 2 − Open
Step 3 − Click the hamburger icon ☰ situated on the top left side of the page that pops up.
Step 4 − Open the option ‘Join Google+’.
Step 5 − Create a public profile by adding name, DoB, gender, etc. and click Upgrade.
Step 6 − Search for people that we want to add to the page and click Continue.
Step 7 − Follow things of interest such as entertainment, news, fashion, etc.
Step 8 − Put a face to the name, mention the place of work, and educational qualifications. Click ‘Finish’ once done filling all these details.
Step 9 − Build circles and communities.
Step 10 − Post contents, profile and cover pictures.

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