Google Plus Tutorial

Google Plus Tutorial

What is Google Plus?

Google+, ever since its launch in 2011, has been a possibly vital social platform to connect with like-minded people. It has fully-fledged beyond just being an communicating platform to share posts and photos, and is now vigorously used for business marketing and brand awareness. This class clarifies how to use Google+ for personal and business purposes. How to build groups, add circles, and share ideas is explained using simple steps and screenshots for convenience. The lesson also clarifies how connecting Google+ account with other social network helps to increase traffic to our website/page, leading to fruitful business chances.


This lesson is intended for persons who are keen to know how Google+ works towards their advantage, particularly people involved in business who can use it for brand promotion.


Earlier taking place with this tutorial, you must have a good understanding of the essential concepts of marketing.

Google Plus Tutorial: List of Topics

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