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What are the features of Google charts?

Google Charts is a pure JavaScript based charting library which enhances web applications by adding interactive charting ability. It also supports wide range of charts. Charts are drawn using SVG in standard browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer (IE). In legacy IE 6, VML are used for drawing graphics.

Features of Google Charts

Below are the most important features of Google Charts library.

  • Compatability - Works effortlessly on all major browsers and mobile platforms like android and iOS.
  • Multitouch Support – this will support multitouch on touch screen based platforms like android and iOS. This is ideal for iPhone/iPad and android based smart phones/ tablets.
  • Free to Use – As Google charts are an Open source, it is suitable for non-commercial purpose.
  • Lightweight - loader.js core library, is extremely lightweight library.
  • Simple Configurations - Uses json for defining variety of configuration of the charts and it is very easy to learn and use.
  • Dynamic – Allows the user to modify chart even after chart generation.
  • Multiple axes – It is not restricted to x, y axis and also supports multiple axis on the charts.
  • Configurable tooltips - Tooltip comes when a user mouse hovers on any point in a chart. Google charts provide tooltip inbuilt formatter or callback formatter for controlling the tooltip programmatically.
  • DateTime support – It handles date and time. Provides various inbuilt controls based on date wise categories.
  • Print – To Print chart using web page.
  • External data – Google charts supports loading of data dynamically from the server and also provides control over data using callback functions.
  • Text Rotation – It supports label rotation in any direction.

Supported Chart Types

Sr. No.

Chart Type / Description


Line Charts
These are used to draw line/spline based charts.


Area Charts
These are used to draw area wise charts.


Pie Charts
These are used to draw pie charts.


Sankey Charts, Scatter Charts, Stepped area charts, Table, Timelines, TreeMap, Trendlines
These are used to draw scattered charts.


Bubble Charts
These are used to draw bubble based charts.


Dynamic Charts
These are used to draw dynamic charts where user can modify charts.


These are used to draw combinations of variety of charts.


3D Charts
These are used to draw 3D charts.


Angular Gauges
These are used to draw speedometer type charts.


Heat Maps
These are used to draw heat maps.


Tree Maps
These are used to draw tree maps.

In next coming chapters, we will explain each type of above mentioned charts in detail along with examples.


Google Charts is open source and is free to use. Follow the link: Terms of Service.

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