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Explain the rules of Golf?

The rules of golf is maintained and controlled by International Golf Federation (IGF) all over the globe. Besides this, all nations have their own controlling bodies to conduct the game in the proper way.

Some of the necessary rules that one should know when they want to practice the game are as follows −

  • The teeing of the ball should be done within a club’s length of the hole.
  • You need to put your tee position on the ground.
  • The player should not remove the obstacles while playing. Only obstacles that are in club’s length of the ball on fair green can be removed.
  • In case if you see that your balls are touching each other then you need to pick up the first ball until you play the last one.
  • During the time of holing, you need to play the game correctly without positioning yourself in the way of hole.
  • The person’s ball which is far away from the hole need to play first.
  • If you stood at the position of holing, then you are not permitted to mark the path of holing with any material like your club or foot etc.
  • If in any case the ball gets obstructed by any animal like dog or birds etc, then it has to be played again from its starting position.
  • Once you hit the ball with a tee, ball cannot be changed with another one.
  • During the time of playing, if your ball comes under any dirty water, then you can take out that ball from that point and tee it again.

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