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What are the Arithmetic operators supported byGo Programming Language?

The arithmetic operators supported by Go language are as follows. It is assumes that variable A holds 10 and variable B holds 20 then:

Adds two operands
A + B will give 30
Subtracts second operand from the first
A - B will give -10
Multiplies both operands
A * B will give 200
Divides numerator by de-numerator
B / A will give 2
Modulus Operator and remainder of after an integer division
B % A will give 0
Increments operator increases integer value by one
A++ will give 11
Decrements operator decreases integer value by one
A-- will give 9


To understand the arithmetic operators offered by the Go programming Language, try the example as follows:

The above program is compiled and executed, the result produced appears as:

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