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What is Gitlab?

Before we plunge into definition for Gitlab, first we have to comprehend couple of phrases. We regularly go over these terms like Git, Gitlab, GitHub, and Bitbucket. How about we see definition of all these as following −

Git - It is a source code forming framework that lets you locally track changes and push or draw changes from remote assets.

GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket - Are administrations that gives remote access to Git repositories. Notwithstanding hosting your code, the administrations give extra features intended to help deal with the product improvement lifecycle. These extra features incorporate dealing with the sharing of code between various individuals, bug following, wiki space and different instruments for 'social coding'.

  • GitHub is an openly accessible, free administration which requires all code (except if you have a paid record) be made open. Anybody can see code you push to GitHub and offer recommendations for development. GitHub right now hosts the source code for a huge number of open source steps.
  • GitLab is a github like administration that associations can use to give interior administration of git repositories. It is a self hosted Git-storehouse the executives framework that keeps the client code private and can undoubtedly send the progressions of the code.


GitLab was found by Dmitriy Zaporozhets and Valery Sizov in October 2011. It was appropriated under MIT permit and the steady form of GitLab is 10.4 discharged in January 22, 2018.

Why to use GitLab?

GitLab is extraordinary approach to oversee git repositories on brought together server. GitLab gives you finish authority over your repositories or extends and enables you to choose whether they are open or private for nothing.


  • GitLab hosts your (private) programming steps for nothing.
  • GitLab is a step for overseeing Git repositories.
  • GitLab offers free open and private repositories, issue-following and wikis.
  • GitLab is an easy to understand web interface layer over Git, which expands the speed of working with Git.
  • GitLab gives its very own Continuous Integration (CI) framework for dealing with the steps and gives UI along different features of GitLab.


  • GitLab gives GitLab Community Edition form to clients to situated, on which servers their code is available.
  • GitLab gives unlimited number of private and open repositories for nothing.
  • The Snippet segment can share little measure of code from a task, rather than sharing entire undertaking.


  • While pushing and pulling repositories, it isn't as quick as GitHub.
  • GitLab interface will require some serious energy while changing starting with one then onto the next page.

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