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What is Gerrit Setting Up Git-Review?

Git-review can be setup in the project directory by using the below command. It is used for reviewing purpose by sending git branches to Gerrit.

We can use Git-review as the command line tool for tasks like fetching the existing files, submitting the branches to Gerrit, configuring Git clone and many more. To work with Gerrit, Git-review searches for the remote named gerrit.

Once the Gerrit remote is found, then git-review will submit the branch to HEAD:refs/for/master at the remote location. If at all there is no remote access to Gerrit, then a file with .gitreview extension will be searched along with remote information of gerrit.

Below processes are done internally within Git-review −

  • For submitting the branches it will check if the remote repository works or not
  • For instance there is no Gerrit remote access, then username will be asked and tries again for accessing the repos.
  • A remote access called gerrit will be created which is pointed to Gerrit.
  • commit-msg hook will be installed.

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