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What is The Baby-Boom Generation Employees?

The baby-boomers, are the people who born in between 1946 and 1964 as per the U.S Census Bureau. They are knows as pigs in the python. In next 15 years, they will reach retirement age of 65 years.

They are termed as Baby-boomers or Boomers as 17 million babies are born during this period which increased the country population to over 78 million. Boomers give same priority to their work and their self-worthiness.

Boomers in their course of age have witnessed and involved in biggest political and social breakouts in the US history. Few of them are Vietnam War, the Kennedy & King assassinations, Watergate and Woodstock scandals etc. Because of those events, Boomers are turned out into good leaders and are in leadership positions.


Characteristics of Boomers

  • Few of the characteristics which Boomers contain are -
  • They tend to be optimistic and confident about changing the world as they have leadership qualities.
  • They respect the authority.
  • They believe that success is not within reach without dedication and sacrifice.
  • Alike Traditionals, Baby-Boomers are also loyal to their employers, enjoy teamwork and communities.
  • Boomers take decisions in a group not as individuals.
  • They make themselves comfortable in groups or communities and show confidence.
  • If their authority opposes any decision, Boomers will not attempt to make a step. They can stand up for a cause against system if needed.

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