You Want Me to Do What? Oh, I Would Rather Do This - Game Developing

The other sorts of misfits for the game industry are the folks who confuse working in the game industry with getting paid to play games. Twice I have employed guys who have reported to me that they are not “into” their current assignment, and that is their explanation for not getting their task completed. Sometimes I think all young people should join the military, work on a farm, or do asphalt roofing for a few years before entering the game industry. I have found over the years that the folks who have had crappy blue-collar jobs in the past truly appreciate sitting in air-conditioned offices being paid to be creative. The people without this background often confuse the word “hobby” with work.” While it is true you should enjoy your work, we all have jobs to get one, and there is quite likely at any given time something we would rather be doing!

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