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Rounding out the task tracking set of duties is to update the risks chart: Take the time to review your Gantt chart; is it indicating a new problem down the road? Are the artificial intelligence tasks tracking? How is the mission editor? How are the art assets coming along? How is the testing of the multiplayer code coming along? Ask yourself these types of questions as you review the Gantt chart to see if a new risk has developed or perhaps an older risk has risen in priority. Also take a look at the old risks; have some of then lessened in importance or have they faded away altogether? Some new risks may be introduced from your walks around the team or from a daily journal type mechanism or simple email from your team members. Also take the time to review what you are expecting from your third-party vendors. Are they on time? The true impact of a risks document only comes into play when it is maintained like the project schedule. Be sure to visit with your executive management and apprise them of the latest risks. Post these risks in a public place so that all of your team can review them and have an opportunity to respond to them. After all, taking the time to discover your risks is a good idea, but sharing your risks with the rest of the team and management is key to getting focus on the problems. Of course occasionally you may develop a risk that is personal in nature and is not fit for wide dissemination. Use your common sense and discretion when choosing what to post on a wall.

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