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You should of course trademark your company’s name and logo as well as any significant chunks of intellectual property you own. Again, this is an area where your lawyer will make the process painless. I can offer this much advice: Try not to found your company with simple names like Studio One as no doubt the URL has been taken and the trademark office will already have a lot of similar sounding company names that could potentially confuse the consumer. Best to think of some word that is not an English word, yet people would “get it” the first time they heard it.

Basically, if you have a mark or a brand you want to protect, wrap a around it while you await the results of the trademark search. After a period of time you will be told whether or not you may go ahead with the . The stands for copyright and you should attach that to any document you create unless you are in a work-for-hire arrangement. And even then it is common to own your code outright and provide the publisher with an unrestricted license.

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