To Share a Dream - Game Developing

Creative people love to share their dreams, thoughts, and worlds. Artists want to show you the world, musicians want you to feel the world, programmers want you to experience the world, and game designers want you to be there.

Games are deeply rewarding because they appeal on so many different levels: They are stories to be caught up in, action sequences to live, stunning visuals to experience, and they challenge our minds by exploring our strategy and tactical skills. Games hold the unique position, of all the different entertainment mediums, of having the most interactivity with the audience. This is a very special quality; it makes the player the most important part of the story the hero. Novels are interactive with the reader, as no two readers will visualize a narrative in the same way. Music is interactive for the rhythm, mood, and inspiration to dance that it charges humans with. Games are very special only in a game can a player try different actions, experience different outcomes, and explore a model of a world.

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