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I am placing these logistical steps for how to get a job at the end of this chapter because I think they are the most mundane, overly discussed topics on the subject. I have already discussed how you will really find your path into the game industry. This section will just be a short section on how to present yourself.

Honesty vs. Modesty
No matter what, you must be honest when creating your resume or demo reel, or performing your interview. First of all, it is unlikely that you will be able to fool the people you are trying to get to hire you; second, even if you do manage to fool them, you are only setting yourself up for tragic disappointment all around when you do not live up to your own advertisement. Or perhaps worse, it is never discovered and you end up working for some marginal company who cannot properly evaluate your skills and talents for what they are.

Having said that, you are still responsible for selling yourself to the company. Focus on the skills, talents, energy, and interests you genuinely do have and display them in the most attractive light.

Make sure your resume’s objective clearly focuses on the job position the company is offering. If there are multiple job openings you are interested in and they are not identical but you feel you would be strong at any one of them, then tailor your resume for each position. You should of course write a cover letter that positions you as perfectly suited for the job posting the employer has described.

A pet peeve of mine is programmer candidates who list six or more programming languages on their resume. The vast majority of programmers I know specialize in a language or possibly two, such as C and assembly, orC++ and assembly, or C++ and SQL. The game company wants to know what you are excellent at, not how many different programming language books you bought or whether or not you know FORTRAN77. This goes beyond just programming languages and can be applied to the rest of the knowledge sets you might put down on your resume. I suggest you be sure your main skills and talents are highlighted on your resume, and the others you have had past exposure to, if you must list them, should include some qualification such as “familiarity with Unix scripting languages such as sed, awk, and Perl or “familiarity with the UI of LightWave.

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