On Money - Game Developing

In this whole discussion I have not talked about the money to be made in making games. Game making is both an art and a science. If you are honest with yourself, your team, the customer, and to the game, you will make a great game. In all art forms, excellence is always truth.

Honesty, truth, and clarity are all interrelated, and they are important not because of moral standards; they are important because only with the ruthless pursuit of a clean, tight game can you hope to make a great game. The rest of this book will focus on how to get maximum value for your development dollars with outsourcing, how to decide which features to cut, and how to track your tasks; all these activities are heavily involved with money. That being said, look deeper and understand that I am helping you realize the true goals for your game project and to reach these goals as efficiently as possible.

Great games sell just fine, and the money will come naturally enough; focus on making a great game.

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