Milestone Orientation Meetings - Game Developing

Another useful technique I have found is to kick off each milestone iteration with a milestone meeting to review what everyone is tasked with and what the associated expectations are for their work. I did not start this ceremony until just this year; however, each time I run the meeting I am amazed at how many misunderstandings we are actually carrying around, and this is on a project that has received our most detailed preproduction to date!

At these meetings I simply keep everyone in the room as I go through the features and tasks one by one and get a verbal discourse back from the responsible developer to be sure they understand what they need to do and to give them a chance to request clarification. They will also get full visibility for what they need to accomplish in front of the whole team; this goes a long way to fight the impression that so and so does not have much work to do.

Praise People Publicly
I also take the time to praise individual team members at each of these meetings not necessarily everyone but I do try to keep a running tab of who is due for some recognition. While no one I know would admit it, I think receiving praise and recognition from your team and supervisor is a great morale boost, and the lack of praise and recognition can be a significant drain on morale. There are good books devoted to how best to reward your employees with all sorts of clever ideas from silver nameplates to holiday turkeys, but I think the best is a public thank you.

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