Lawyer and Accountant - Game Developing

Game businesses are created to enter into business relationships with other entities and to make money while making games. Thus, you need a lawyer and an accountant.

Your lawyer is critical in helping negotiate your contracts. When you start out you will not have much leverage to bring to bear, but fundamentally if someone wants to fund you, you have some leverage. A competent lawyer with experience in the game industry will help you focus your negotiations on the parts of the contract that must be changed and let you know the parts you can likely let slide. At the end of the day however, your lawyer is a vendor providing you with a service, and you need to make your own decisions on how to best run your negotiations. The reason I stress the familiarity with games is that if you get just any old lawyer, or even a high-flying Hollywood lawyer, he will not be familiar with the current trends in game publisherdeveloper contracts, and you will end up paying him a lot of money to learn the ropes.

Your accountant will organize your books, help you structure your business accounting, and of course prepare your company’s taxes. As your company grows you may need your accountant to assist in preparing financial statements for your capital raising instrument.

Your accountant should also be familiar with the game industry as she would be better able to advise you on how best to handle your tax obligations suited to the game development business model.

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