Freestyle Skiing Basics - Freestyle Skiing

What are Freestyle Skiing Basics?

We will learn the step by step method of freestyle skiing in this tutorial.

Putting on Skis

This is the first step and many find it difficult. First, place the boot/shoes into the binding and check if the leaning angle of ski and boot are same or not. There is a low cut infront of boot, slide the lip of binding to it.

Next is to align the boot heel to the binding back and then pull it to the level of heel cup. In order to made the binding clips tight, try to press down the heel with force/strength into the heel cup. After wearing skis, do not forget to check these -

  • The slope should be in line with Ski.
  • Rider should stand sideways even without moving/sliding.
  • Make sure to remove any particles at the ski boot bottom.

 Putting on Skis

Putting off Skis

Make sure you are not moving any sideways and standing firmly. You can see a heel lever at the back of the binding. To dismount from boot, just push it down using the ski pole.

Once you push down the heel lever, the heel cup rotates up and releases the ski boot heel.


This is a technique where the rider can control on his speed while travelling in a straight line on slope. To perform this method, keep your both skis in V shape and maintain a distance of 10 cms between the two skis. This is done to make sure both skis do not hit each other.

This method even acts as a brake. The greater the distance between the skis the more is the braking action.

This is because the skis are arranged in diagonal manner and while moving in a straight direction, resistance is generated and brake is applied.

Snowplough Turns

Till now we have learnt about the braking action or speed control in snowplough technique, now we understand how the same technique is used in shifting the direction.

Here as well the rider skis will be in V shape but to move in a particular direction say left, place your right skis to the left side and similarly for the right direction. Using your body weight put more pressure on the direction you want to move.

This is due to keeping extra weight on a ski generate a less resistance under it and it makes easy to take a turn. Simply if you wish to turn left then put more weight on right and vice versa.

Getting Up

Suppose you fall back, then in order to stand bring skis side to you closely and push your knees so that you can stand up.

Do not forget your uphill arm to bring close to uphill ski and your downhill arm must be diagonally down. Push your knees with uphill arm and you will be finally back on your knees. Place your downhill arm in crouch position while doing this.

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