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What are List Views in Framework7?


List views are powerful UI components that present data in a scrollable list of multiple rows. Framework7 offers different types of List View to work with the application. Below table lists some of the Framework7 List Views:


Types & Description


List View
List views are powerful user interface components that display data in a scrollable list containing multiple rows.


Contacts List
Contacts list is a type of list view which is used to display the list of people contacts.


Media List View
Media list view is used to display the complicated data structures like products, services, users information.



Swipeout allows the user to reveal hidden menu actions by swiping over the list elements.


Sortable List
Sortable list is a list view type which sorts the list view elements.


Virtual List
Virtual list is a list view type which includes lists of large number of data elements without reducing their performance

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