Fox Pro Interview Questions & Answers

Fox Pro Interview Questions

Do you have knowledge in Foxpro Application Development? Are you interested to work in Foxpro object oriented design and development? If you have above skills and strong Knowledge in Visual FoxPro, visual FoxPro developer, vfp, visual vfp, Crystal Reports, FoxPro, and visual FoxPro the get shortlisted by top companies for the best jobs across locations. Companies are looking for the professionals in different skills like design sessions, programming, testing, and debugging programs. Wisdom jobs developed Foxpro job interview questions and answer to get shortlisted hiring managers. Foxpro professionals work on design, Build, Functional Testing, System Testing and Integration Testing activities during the Sprints. So you need to have knowledge on these skills to answer well all related interview questions in an easy way.


Fox Pro Interview Questions And Answers

Fox Pro Interview Questions
    1. Question 1. What Operating System Is Required For Visual Foxpro 9.0?

      Answer :

      Developing applications with Visual FoxPro 9.0 is supported only on Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 or later, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista. You can create and distribute run-time applications for Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 or later, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista. Installation on Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition is not supported. 

    2. Question 2. Will There Be A Visual Foxpro 10.0?

      Answer :

      No. There will not be another major release of Visual FoxPro (see announcement: A message to the community, March 2007).

    3. Question 3. Will There Be Updates To Visual Foxpro?

      Answer :

      Yes. Visual FoxPro will continue to be supported as per the lifecyle policy ( Visual FoxPro 9 will be supported until 2014. In support of these products we may release patch updates from time to time. These typically fix problems discovered either internally or by a customer and reported to our product support engineers.

    4. Question 4. Will There Be A Service Pack 3 For Visual Foxpro 9?

      Answer :

      At this time there are no plans to release a service pack for Visual FoxPro. However if there arises a need to publish a collection of fixes we may release a service pack. We will make announcements on the Visual FoxPro home page.

    5. Question 5. What Types Of Applications Can I Build With Visual Foxpro 9.0?

      Answer :

      With its local cursor engine, tight coupling between language and data, and powerful features, such as object-oriented programming, Visual FoxPro 9.0 is a great tool for building database solutions of all sizes, from desktop and client/server database applications to data-intensive COM components and XML Web services.

      Visual FoxPro 9.0 is an application development tool for building extremely powerful database applications and components. Its data-centric, object-oriented language offers developers a robust set of tools for building database applications on the desktop, client/server, or on the Web, through components and XML Web services. Developers will have the necessary tools to manage data from organizing tables of information, running queries, and creating an integrated relational database management system (DBMS) to programming a fully developed data management application for end users. 

    6. Question 6. Can I Use Visual Foxpro To Build Web Applications?

      Answer :

      Visual FoxPro COM components can be used with Internet Information Services (IIS) to build high-powered Internet database applications. This is because Visual FoxPro components can be called from Active Server Pages (ASP). Visual FoxPro is compatible with ASP but works even better in conjunction with the more modern ASP.NET. The components will retrieve and manipulate data, and will build some of the HTML returned to the user.

    7. Question 7. Can You Consume Xml Web Services With Visual Foxpro?

      Answer :

      Yes, Visual FoxPro 9.0 makes it easy to consume XML Web services by integrating the SOAP Toolkit into the product.

    8. Question 8. Is Visual Foxpro A Part Of Msdn Subscriptions?

      Answer :

      Yes, Visual FoxPro 9.0 is included in the Professional, Enterprise, and Universal levels of MSDN Subscriptions. Visual FoxPro 9.0 is available for download to MSDN Subscribers via MSDN Subscriber downloads.

    9. Question 9. How Long Will Visual Foxpro Be Supported By Microsoft?

      Answer :

      Visual FoxPro 9.0 has standard support by Microsoft through January 2010 and extended support through January 2015 as per the developer tools lifecycle support policy.

    10. Question 10. How Long Will The Soap Toolkit Included In Visual Foxpro 9.0 Be Supported By Microsoft?

      Answer :

      Licensed users of Visual FoxPro 9.0 have a special lifecycle support plan for the SOAP Toolkit, supported by Microsoft on the same support plan as Visual FoxPro 8.0 which is through April 2008 and extended support through September 2013.

    11. Question 11. Is Visual Foxpro 9.0 Compatible With Visual Studio 2005 And Sql Server 2005?

      Answer :

      Yes. We improved XML support and added new data types in Visual FoxPro 9.0 which improves .NET interop and SQL Server compatibility. Moreover the 'Sedna' add-on pack includes improvements to the Data Explorer and the Upsizing Wizard. These have significant improvements to support SQL Server 2005.

    12. Question 12. How Does Visual Foxpro 9.0 Compare To Sql Server?

      Answer :

      We do not contrast Visual FoxPro versus SQL Server. We position SQL Server as a database engine and Visual FoxPro as a developer tool. While Visual FoxPro has a database engine built-in, it is not positioned as a stand-alone database engine only. The trend is for an increasing amount of Visual FoxPro based applications to use SQL Server as the data storage in the solution. Of course, this is not required; it depends on the requirements of the solution. SQL Server offers security, reliability, replication, and many other features of a full relational database engine while the Visual FoxPro database system is an open file based DBF system that does not have many of those features. We leave it up to developers and companies to position and to compare various Microsoft products and technologies with each other and decide which ones are best for them to use when and how.

    13. Question 13. Are There Plans To Enhance The 2 Gb Database Size Limit In Visual Foxpro?

      Answer :

      The 2 GB limit is per table, not per database. We do not have any plans to extend the 2 GB table size limit in Visual FoxPro due to many reasons including the 32-bit architecture that already exists within the product. For large, scalable databases we recommend SQL Server 2008.

    14. Question 14. Is Visual Foxpro Supported On Windows Vista?

      Answer :

      Yes. Visual FoxPro 9 Service Pack 2 is fully supported on Windows Vista.

    15. Question 15. Are There Plans For Visual Foxpro To Support 64-bit Versions Of The Windows Operating System?

      Answer :

      No. While Visual FoxPro will remain 32-bit and not natively use 64-bit addressing; it will run in 32-bit compatibility mode. Visual Studio 2008 supports creating native 64-bit applications.

    16. Question 16. How Do You Position Visual Foxpro In Relation To Microsoft Access?

      Answer :

      Microsoft Access, the database in Office, is the most broadly used and easiest-to-learn database tool that Microsoft offers. If you are new to databases, if you are building applications that take advantage of Microsoft Office, or if you want an interactive product with plenty of convenience, then choose Microsoft Access. Visual FoxPro is a powerful rapid application development (RAD) tool for creating relational database applications. If you are a database developer who builds applications for a living and you want ultimate speed and power, then choose Visual FoxPro.

    17. Question 17. Is Visual Foxpro Part Of Visual Studio .net?

      Answer :

      No. Visual FoxPro 9.0 is a stand-alone database development tool which is compatible and evolutionary from previous versions of Visual FoxPro. Visual FoxPro 9.0 does not use or install the Windows .NET Framework. Visual FoxPro 9.0 is compatible with Visual Studio .NET the area of XML Web services, XML support, VFP OLE DB provider, and more. Visual FoxPro and Visual Studio are complimentary tools that work great together, such as Visual FoxPro 9.0 plus ASP.NET for adding WebForm front ends and mobile device front ends to Visual FoxPro applications.

    18. Question 18. What Is Microsoft's Position On Visual Foxpro Related To Visual Studio And .net?

      Answer :

      We do not have plans to merge Visual FoxPro into Visual Studio and .NET, and there are no plans to create any sort of new Visual FoxPro .NET language. Instead, we are working on adding many of the great features found in Visual FoxPro into upcoming versions of Visual Studio, just like we've added great Visual Studio features into Visual FoxPro. If you want to do .NET programming, you should choose a .NET language with Visual Studio.

    19. Question 19. Where Is My Serial Number?

      Answer :

      Since the serial number is a very crucial piece to your caller it is somewhat hidden. We do this to keep it from wearing off or being accidentally removed. For any of the callers that we offer that have a battery compartment within the caller you will find the Serial Number in that compartment. Simply remove your battery door, lift up your battery tray and you will see the number on one of the inside walls. 

      Some of the callers we offer do not have a battery door, but a battery bag. For these callers, such as the Hellfire, CS24 series and KRAKATOA models you will have to do a little work. You will need a Phillips head screw driver to start. Remove the 3 or 4 screws that are located at the base of the cap on the caller and gently remove the cap. Be careful pulling too hard you may disconnect the speaker wires. If you do happen to pull them off do not worry. You can just slide the clip back over the connectors. Once you remove the cap you will see the serial number on the inside of the speaker cap. 

    20. Question 20. What Is The Proof Of Purchase?

      Answer :

      The Proof of Purchase would be your receipt from the store where you bought the caller. If you need to keep the original receipt to keep track of purchases just make a copy. If you lose the original receipt you have a couple other options. If you made the purchase with a credit card or debit card you can send a copy of your statement showing that purchase. Just black out any of the other purchases that may be on there that do not pertain to a FOXPRO Digital Game Call. 

    21. Question 21. How Well Do Foxpro Game Calls Work In The Cold?

      Answer :

      Very well. Since there are no moving parts inside, battery energy is not wasted on mechanical motion. However, we are still subject to the physics of battery chemistry. Battery performance is generally diminished at extreme cold temperatures. The best batteries to use at severe temperatures are the "AA" Lithium types intended for digital cameras. The FOXPRO callers have been tested to -40 degrees with these batteries. 

    22. Question 22. Will Using A High-watt External Speaker Make My Unit Louder?

      Answer :

      Not necessarily. Connecting a physically larger speaker or one that can handle more power (watts) does not guarantee louder volume. This is a huge misconception with speakers. In order to obtain louder volume from an external speaker it must be more efficient than the internal speaker. 

      The SP70 will make your FOXPRO game call louder while the smaller 5" external will not. 

      If you are using an external speaker with an impedance of 8 ohms you will get the same battery life. If you were to turn off the two internal speakers on an Fusion or Crossfire and just use an external speaker while running an SP70, your battery life will increase because you are drawing less current from the battery when only using one speaker. It is recommended that you shut off your internal speakers when using a large external speaker as they will not be as beneficial to you as the large external speaker. They will be nothing more than a detriment to your battery life. 

    23. Question 23. How To Set A Tx500 Preset?

      Answer :

      The TX500 remote control can have up to 10 custom presets. A preset provides a shortcut to a frequently used sound at a determined volume level that you input. FOXBANG relies upon the sound that you have established on "P1" or preset one. The 10 presets correspond to the 10 numbers found on the keypad: 0 - 9. Two quick access buttons are found on the side of the remote control; P1 and P2. P1 is linked to keypad button 1 and P2 is linked to keypad button 2. Here is how you set up a preset: 

      1. Turn on the TX-500.
      2. On the right side of the remote control, locate the button labeled "Preset".
      3. Push and hold this button for 3-4 seconds - the top line of the LCD panel will change to a black highlight and display "SEL SND/VOL : PRESS 0-9".
      4. Using the scroll knob, highlight the sound of the pup distress or whatever sound you wish to use.
      5. Use the volume buttons to set your volume level.
      6. Push down on the scroll knob a single time and release.
      7. Push the corresponding keypad number button to lock in the preset. 

    24. Question 24. Do I Have To Send In My Warranty Registration?

      Answer :

      In order to have warranty repairs performed to your game call, we must have a copy of the proof of purchase on file. Without the proof of purchase we have no way to determine the start date for your warranty coverage.

    25. Question 25. Does The Warranty Cover International Orders?

      Answer :

      The FOXPRO warranty only applies to products that are inside of the United States. If your product requires factory service, the buyer is solely responsible for paying for shipping of the product from their country to FOXPRO and from FOXPRO back to their country. Once the product is at our factory we will fix it free of charge (assuming adequate proof of purchase is presented and the issue is covered under warranty), but you will be responsible for all freight. 

    26. Question 26. Black Jack Patch Cable Compatibility

      Answer :

      The FOXPRO Black Jack decoy instructional sheet notes that the decoy can be linked to a compatible FOXPRO game call by way of a standard 3.5mm stereo or mono patch cable. Shortly after the release of the Black Jack decoy, it was found that the first run featured a jack that was wired in reverse. As a result, the standard cables which are listed as compatible will not work. FOXPRO will supply any owner of the earlier Black Jacks with the appropriate cable that they need to link up with the FOXPRO game call. FOXPRO began shipping out Black Jack models with the cables on select earlier models. 

      To determine which cable a particular Black Jack will need, refer to the following: on the back of your Black Jack decoy battery compartment is a little sticker that will either show "BJD1" or "BJD1 REV2". If the decoy shows "BJD1", then we know that the device will require the special cable. If it is "BJD1 REV2", then any standard cable will work. 

    27. Question 27. Can I Preview Foxpro Sounds?

      Answer :

      Yes. All FOXPRO sounds are available for preview on our website 24 hours a day and, for folks without an internet connection, over the telephone. Granted, listening to sounds over a telephone is hardly a reliable manner in which one can gauge the quality of a sound, but it does provide sufficient means for you to hear and identify the emotional content of the sound. Telephone audio is severely limited to frequency response and dynamic range. FOXPRO sounds are open to the public for scrutiny and evaluation. You should be wary of anyone claiming that you are able to hear and detect subtle differences and absolute quality in a sound over a telephone-it is simply impossible. 

    28. Question 28. Can I Use Lithium Batteries In Foxpro Game Calls?

      Answer :

      Yes. You can definitely use lithium batteries in FOXPRO game calls, but you may not get the full benefit of their larger capacity. The reason for this is that most consumer-type lithium cells do not like a lot of current drawn out of them at once. They will, however, do well if you can manage the volume of the unit, especially in colder weather. 

      There are some new rechargeable lithium batteries that do very well under large current demands and that can be charged quickly. FOXPRO will be exploring this technology as it becomes more mainstream and affordable. 

      At this time we recommend NiMH (nickel-metal-hydride) batteries for FOXPRO game calls as the best all around choice. If you are seeking extremely long run times, we recommend one of our 12 volt power kits. 

    29. Question 29. Describe The Objects That Can Be Found A De?

      Answer :

      1. Tables
      2. Cursor Adapter

      Relation objects are also found in DE.

    30. Question 30. Describe What A Non-visual Class Could Be Used For?

      Answer :

      1. Code Maintenance      
      2. Code Reuse  
      3. Functionality Enhancement

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