Collating Sequence - Fortran

The Fortran collating sequence defines the relationship between letters and digits and is used when comparing character strings. The collating sequence is determined by these rules:

  • A is less than Z, and a is less than z. The listing order of the alphabetic characters specifies the collating sequence for alphabetic characters. The relationship between lowercase and uppercase of the same letter is unspecified.
  • 0 is less than 9. The order in which digits are listed above defines the collating sequence for digits.
  • Alphabetic characters and digits are not intermixed in the collating sequence.
  • The blank character is less than the letter A (uppercase and lowercase) and less than the digit 0.
  • The special characters given as part of the character set are not listed in any specific order. There is no specification as to where special characters occur in the collating sequence.

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