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What are Formula 1 Popular Terms?

This section of the tutorial will make you know the terms involved in F1.

  • 107% rule – In qualifying season, a driver need not to be exceeding 107 percent of quickest time. In case if he fails, he is supposed to not start the race.
  • Backmarker – These are the drivers who lag behind in the race.
  • Blistering – This is a process of breaking of rubber from the tire due to excess heat caused by improper selection of tire compound.
  • Cockpit – This is the area where the car driver seats.
  • Delta Time – It is the time difference between two cars or laps.
  • Drive-through penalty – If any violation of rules or minor offence occurred on track then a penalty is imposed. For this, the driver should enter the pit lane with slow speed without stopping anywhere. And then he can join the race again.
  • Flat spot – It is the tire portion that is worn out because of severe breaking or spin.
  • Formation lap or warm-up lap – Before starting the race, cars are driven for one lap as a warm up lap to get start.
  • Jump start – The start of the race is signaled by the three red lights and if any car starts off early, sensors will detect it. This is called as Jump start which will add up penalty to the driver.
  • Lollipop – The driver is signaled to apply brakes and go in first gear before lowering is done, with a sign board. This is called Lollipop.
  • Parc ferme – It is the area where all the racers are met after completing race and this is restricted one. Race stewards supervise this restricted area.
  • Pit board – This board will keep the driver informed about the number of laps remaining, delta time and the present position.
  • Pit wall – The area where the engineers, manager and others watch their cars in the race with the help of small screens.
  • Pits – This is the area where a wall separate the track. For the purpose of wheel change, car refueling and other changes Cars enter into their team’s pit garage.
  • Pole position – On race day, the first grid position is given to that player who records quick time in finishing qualifying session.
  • Steward – He is an official with high rank elected to make decisions for races.
  • Tire warmer – To get the car types to optimum temperature before starting the race, an electronic blanket is covered to the tires.
  • Visor strip – It is the carbon fiber material which is high-resistant made of Zylon, used as extra protection to the helmet’s top edge.
  • Constructor – Constructor is the owner of the chassis and engine.
  • Circuit – The tracks that are designed especially for races is called circuits. These are of again two types – Road circuit and Street circuit.

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