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What are the different terms that are used in the game of football?

There are many rules that should be known by each and every player of the football team. There are some of the popular terms that are being used in the game of football. They are as follows -

  • Advantage Rule – Even when a fouls is being happened and even after which the game is not required to be stopped, is known as advantage rule.
  • Aggregate Score – During the club competitions, the average score that is being scored by the teams is known as the aggregate score. Under these competitions, both the teams are allowed to play twice, once each in each of their home countries and the score of both the games are added and the final score of the team is being decided.
  • Attacker – The attacker is the person who is striking the ball or the person who is close to the goal post from the other team.
  • Ball in and out of play – When the ball is found outside the sideline or outside the goal line, the ball is considered to be passed out of the play. As long as the ball is on the side line and is in the play, the game continues.
  • Bicycle kick – When the ball is being kicked by the player over his head when performing somersault, it is known as bicycle kick. This is done by the player kicking the ball and performing somersault simultaneously.
  • Booter – Booter implies kicking the ball very hard, long and high.
  • Clear – During the play of the game all the situations and chances that arise for scoring of the goals is known as clear. In order to stop the goal from happening, the player should immediately clear the ball or kick the ball from the goal mouth. This can be done either by passing the ball or starting the attack and boost the ball away from the play.
  • Captain – One player among the team is chosen to lead the team, is called as the captain of the team. The captain usually decided to toss the match.
  • Chip – A kind of hit by which the ball directly goes into the goal by passing over the goalkeeper’s head is known as Chip.
  • Dead Ball – When the ball is not moving in the ground and when the players are stopped, it is known as Dead Ball. This happens during free kicks and penalty kicks.
  • Extra time – In the situations of tie, some additional time is provided to decide on who has won the match. Usually the additional time would be of 15 minutes which is again divided into two halves.
  • Foul – Whenever the player breaches the laws and rules of football, such an act is punishable by a free kick or a penalty, and such act is considered as a foul.
  • Free Kick – When a foul is being made by the team, the other team is provided a chance to free kick the ball that is in stationery position.
  • Goalkeeper – One among the team of the players seems to be the goal keeper. The responsibility of the goal keeper is to stop the ball from reaching it to the goal.
  • Hand Ball – When hands or arms are used by the players for passing the ball to another team member, it is known as Hand Ball. This kind of act is considered as an offense by the team.
  • Head – When the player uses the forehead for passing on the ball or kicking the ball, it is considered as Head.
  • Mark – During the man to man situation of the game, the defender marks the attacker. The marking will be tighter when the player is farther to the looser.
  • Man of the match – The best player of the game is considered as the man of the Match.
  • Own Goal – When unintentionally the player kicks the ball into his own goal, it is known as own goal or self-goal.
  • Pass – When the ball is being kicked to the team mates by another player, it is known as pass.
  • Penalty – Penalty facilitates the team to kick the ball from the penalty spot with only one defender allowed near the goal.
  • Period – The total time of the game of football is divided into two halves – first half and the second half.
  • Pitch − The Football field is called the pitch.
  • Referee – The person who is made in charge for monitoring the game is known as Referee. The final decisions related to the game are being taken by the referee. It is the responsibility of the referee to monitor on the complete game along with the timings of the game. Whether both the team players are confronting to the game rules is also has to be monitored by the referee. Referee is provided assistance with two other assistant referees.
  • Red Card – When an offense has taken place and when the referee decided to remove the player for the rest of the game, the referee uses a Red Card.
  • Scissor Kick – When the player is completely off the ground, the ball is kicked forward while the player leans sideways and then the ball is kicked in a changed direction.
  • Scoreline – The score line provides information about the scores of both the teams and information about the field or the ground. For instance, if the scoreline displays ABC 0 and XYZ 2, it implies that the game is played on the home ground of ABC and the winner of the game is XYZ as it has 2 goal points.
  • Tackle – When shoulders or any other part of the body is used by the player to take the ball from the opponent, such an act is referred as Tackle. Without committing a foul, when the ball is successfully taken from the opponent, it is known as Clean tackling.
  • Time – The complete time for the game of Football is divided into two halves and each half is limited to a period of 45 minutes.
  • Yellow Card – Whenever a serious offense is being committed in the match, it i indicated by the referee by using a Yellow card. For the second offense of the player also Yellow card is used and for the third offence, Red card is used.

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