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How to play the game of Football?

Anyone who desires to play the game of football must be more energetic, tactful and fit. The person should have more stamina as the game involves non-stop running by the players. The players should have the team spirit and at the same time should concentrate on the performance of the individual. A player who want to play the game of football should be trained hard and should play and run faster when compared to that of the opponent.

Football kick-off

The match of football always begins by tossing a coin. For tossing both the match referee and the captains of both the teams meet at the center of the field. Whoever wins the toss will decide the side of the goal and the post of the goal in the first half. The ball is first kicked-off by the team that begins the match.

All the players of the respective teams will take the position in their own half of the field. Once all set for the game, whistle is being blown by the referee and one of the players from the team which has lost the toss will come and start the game by kicking the ball. And the ball should be next touched by any other player and not the player who has initially kicked the ball. Once the game has finished the first half, during the second half of the game, the goals of both the teams will be switched.

What are the essential skills required for playing Football?

The player should possess or acquire the following skills for playing the game of football. They are as follows -

Learn to dribble – One of the important acts for the game of football is to dribble. When the player controls the ball while maintaining the possession of the ball is known as dribbling. It is very important that the player should dribble so that the ball can be touched strongly and move forward but care should be taken that the ball does not move much farther.

Learn to pass – Passing of the ball implies moving the ball to the desired place and to the desired person by the player. The ball should be kicked by the player in such a manner that it goes to the desired place and in the desired direction. The inside of the foot can be used by the player for passing the ball. Once the player is aware of passing the ball, the player should concentrate on slicing and hooking of the ball and ball is being passed to the teammates.

Learn to shoot – The player near the goal should shoot to ball to score a goal. For shooting a ball, the player should have power and accuracy. The angle of the foot should be set first and aim for the goal and accordingly shoot the ball.

The player who is not near to the ball requires to run a lot and in that situations the next move of the teammates has to be estimated by the player and should take the position accordingly where the teammates expects the player to be.

Learn to defend the goal – The player should also have the skills of defending by getting away the ball from the player. Depending on the moves of other players, the player who is defending the goal should be more focused and should tackle the ball accordingly. There would be some situations where the opponents may misguide the players, it is very important for the players to concentrate more on the ball and the movements of the player. This helps the player in defending the opponent from scoring the goal.

Learn to head the ball – Sometimes the player also uses the forehead to pass on the ball to the teammates. This happens frequently when the goal is being scored after the corner kick.

Learn to juggle – It is important for the player to know and learn how to juggle. Juggling helps the player to have control on the ball which is coming towards him in the air.

Learn to use the non-dominant foot – Player should also learn to use the non-dominant foot as if this is not practiced, may turn out to be advantageous to the opponent team. The game requires sometimes playing with the non-dominant foot also.

Learn to be spontaneous and keep your originality – It is very important that the player should be spontaneous. The player should possess his own style of the play which has to be very powerful, tricky fast and should be defensive.

What are the different rules and regulations of the football match?

There are some rules that need to be followed for playing the game of football. They are as follows -

One of the important rules to be followed in the game of football is offside offence. This rule is designed to stop the players from forming a group and spending a lot of time at the goal of the opponent. The player is considered in an offside position when the player is in the opponent’s half and is behind the last defender.

Throw-in - When the player completely kicks off the ball outside the field or when the ball travels completely out of the field, then the ball is thrown into the field. When the player catches the ball from both the hands and when the ball is thrown inside the field, it is known as throw-in.

The yellow card rules – Whenever a mistake is being committed by the player, the player is shown a yellow card by the referee. This yellow card is the symbol that warns the players, as this indicates the first mistake of the player. When this is repeated for two times, then the player is supposed to leave the game. The instances where the referee shows the yellow card are as follows -

  • When the rules of the game are being disregarded by the players.
  • When the player is playing with an intention of hurting the player of the opponent team.
  • When the player intentionally shoots the ball.
  • When the goal keeper passes on the ball to the teammates by hands instead of legs.
  • When intentionally the game time is wasted.

The red card rules – After a particular player is shown the yellow card for two times, the third time the player is shown the red card. Some of the instances for showing the red card by the referee are as follows -

  • Intentionally hurting the other player causing injuries.
  • Jumping over the player intentionally
  • When the player is being hit or charged
  • When the player is either being pushed or hold back intentionally
  • When the ball is not handled properly.

Free kick – When the opponent team has made any foul, the other team is given the chance of penalty in the form of Free Kick. The different types of Free Kick are as follows -

  • Direct free kick – When a player can directly kick the ball into the goal it is known as Direct free kick.
  • Indirect kick – When a player kicks the ball, it must be touched by other team mates before it reached the goal in Indirect kick.

The rules of penalty kick – When a player commits a foul in the penalty box of the opponent team, then the opponent team gets the chance for the penalty kick. For a penalty kick, all the players should stand outside the penalty area and the goalie should stand on the goal line. The ball is placed still on the penalty line.

Corner kick – When the ball passes through the goal line but does not go into the goal without being touched by the team member of the defending team is known as Corner kick.

Goal kick – When the ball passes through the goal line and does not go into the goal but being touched by the team member of the defending team, it is known as Goal kick.

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