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Name some of the world famous Football Champions

The game of football is basically a team game. Even a single goal by the single player can lead the team to win the game. There are many renewed world famous players of football. The world champions possess some of the skills such as attack, tackle, shoot, and score past the goal post. Some of the champions in the game of football are as follows -

One of the famous Brazilian football player is Pele also named as Edson Arantes do Nascimento. He is the youngest player only at the age of 17, to score the goals in the game of football. He started to play for the nation in the World Cup from 1958. He is usually called as the King of Football as he has turned out to play in such a manner. The day when he scored his 1000th goal is celebrated as the Pele day by the port city Santos.


Another finest and all-time greatest player is from Northern Ireland, by name George Best. This man also was considered to be equal to Pele. Even George played at the age of 17. He possessed excellent skill sets such as speed, and aggressive style of play. Due to some of the major injuries to his body, he was forced to quit the team at the age. Because of which he could not get an opportunity to play on behalf of the country in big tournaments.

George Best

Another world famous player is from Argentina who is none other than Diego Maradona. He is such a legendary player that he was called as the Golden boy of Football. He was only 15 when he started playing the game of football. Earlier he was in the juniors club and later was qualified to play for Barcelona, Sevilla, and Napoli clubs. During the final match of world cup in 1986, he made a hand-ball goal. He played for the country for 17 long years and during that period he scored 34 goals.

Diego Maradona

Among the legendary players Ronaldo is considered next to Pele. He participated in four finals of the world cup and out of which two world cups were being won. He scored 62 goals throughout his career and thereby standing second highest scorer from his country. More the three times he owned the title of FIFA World Player of the year. After so many injuries he retired from the game in the year 2011.


David Beckham was well-known for his style of bending for free-kicks. He is master in creating the opportunities for the strikers to net the ball and pass on the ball accurately. Even he started the game of football at the age of 17. He remained as the Captain for the England team for about six years. Some of the top clubs that were represented by Beckham are Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, and PSG. He was also well-known for his charity and his style and he bon voyaged the game of football in the year 2013.

David Beckham

Lionel Messi is usually considered as the successor to Maradona. Even he started the game of football at his teen age and represented his country and played for his nation in three world cups. Some of the key skills possessed by him are speed, technique and intelligent play. Even Messi is well-known for his free kicks but with the left foot. He holds almost all the club records and is playing for Barcelona at club level. FIFA awards owned Messi three times and Ballon d’Or four times (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012), which is the highest for any player till date

Lionel Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the youngest player from Portuguese, who started to play from the age of 12 years. He has mastered his play becoming lime-light and hence was selected to play for the season of 2003-04. Some of the skills owned by Ronaldo are scissor moves, excellent chop and accurate passing. Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid at the club level and Manchester United. He is usually considered as the best finisher. He also had a record of scoring highest number of goals in the European Championship which was unable to break for a long time by any of the players and which was later done by Messi.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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