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For transactions at ports (discharges from ships and direct dispatches from ships or dispatches from port warehouses), warehouse inventory accounting staff will usually be located at the country or regional offices or at port cities. Working with independent surveyors, CARE staff may record transactions or they may have their clearing and forwarding agents maintain ledgers for port transactions.

In-Country Warehouses

The number of warehouse inventory accounting staff depends on the size of the warehouse. In a small or medium-sized warehouse, the storekeeper may maintain the stack cards and the warehouse inventory ledgers. In a large warehouse, a storekeeper may assign assistant storekeepers to record transactions on stack cards or in inventory ledgers, while maintaining overall management responsibilities. For even larger programs, including emergencies, warehouse managers with assistants may be responsible for a number of warehouses and storekeepers in a city or region, or a compound with many pre-fabricated warehouses (Rubb Halls).

CARE Tanzania Example

In the Ingara Rwanda refugee camp in Tanzania, CARE Tanzania's warehouse manager is responsible for approximately sixteen warehouses (Rubb Halls) located within a fenced compound. The warehouse manager maintains a separate office within the warehouse compound. A warehouse accountant maintains the warehouse inventory ledgers for all sixteen warehouses. Previously each storekeeper maintained warehouse inventory ledgers for his/her warehouse, in addition to the ledgers maintained by the warehouse accountant. Since this was a duplication of information, the warehouse manager discontinued the practice. Daily, the warehouse accountant and each warehouse storekeeper reconcile balances between the warehouse inventory ledger and the stack cards within each warehouse. Also copies of distribution plan sand waybills are available as source documents. By eliminating one set of ledgers and doing a daily reconciliation, less staff time is devoted to achieving the same result maintaining proper warehouse accounting records.

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