Suppose CARE and a counterpart carry out a mother child feeding programfood in three regions of a country. Donated food combined with local foodis prepared on site. While this example involves a project to improve the nutritional status of mothers and children, the same types of calculations can apply to food for work and other direct distribution programs.

Number of Regions, Sites and Project Beneficiaries

Project participants are children under the age of twelve who receive a dailysupplemental food ration six days per week based on nutritional needs.

Biweekly Requirements for Beneficiaries

A mix of peas and Wheat Soy Blend (WSB) is distributed. The table belowshows the ration size for each beneficiary for a two week daily period. Twoweeks are used because storage areas at project sites can only hold enoughfood to cover two week periods.

Biweekly Food Requirements Per Project Participant

Total Requirements for Beneficiaries in the Regions

To calculate the total requirements for peas for Region 1:

50,000 beneficiaries x 200g x 12 days = total grams 1000 = 120,000kgs 1000 = 120MT. Similar calculations can be done for the other regions andthe WSB. The table below sets out the total requirements.

Total Requirements for Beneficiaries by Region for Two Weeks

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