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In addition to the use of the Magnifier Tool, similar operations of magnification can also be accomplished with either the Zoom Control (PC only) or with the View Command. The only real difference between these tools and the Magnifier Tool is where they are located within the program and the manner in which they are used to control the level of magnification.

The Zoom Control
On the PC, the Zoom Control is a numeric entry box and pop-up menu, located at the bottom-left corner of the Stage, as part of the Launcher Bar . The Zoom Control can be used as either a pop-up menu or a numerical entry box. Click the pop-up to display a series of preset Zoom levels, or enter a number in the numerical entry box and press Enter to view the Flash workspace at any other zoom percentage that you desire.

The Zoom Control and Zoom Control pop-up menu on the PC

The Zoom Control and Zoom Control pop-up menu on the PC

The following preset Zoom levels can be selected from the Zoom Control dropdown menu: Show Frame, Show All, 25%, 50%, 100%, 200%, 400% and 800%. Also, a specific zoom level, such as 122%, can be obtained by typing the exact value in the entry box. Selecting Show Frame or Show All often results in a zoom level other than the evenly incremented zoom percentages available in the Zoom Control drop-down menu. That’s because these selections are determined by two factors: The pixel size of a given movie and the pixel area available to the scene on a given computer monitor.

The Magnification commands
In addition to the Magnifier Tool, the new keyboard shortcuts, and the Zoom Control (PC only), the Magnification commands, are also available to adjust your screen view. On both the Mac and PC, the Magnification commands areaccessed from the Menu Bar, View➪Magnification.

The Magnification commands include three presets with keyboard shortcuts. Also, note that the Work Area command is accessed from the View Menu.

Magnification commands include three presets with keyboard shortcuts

The Magnification menu contains the following preset commands: 25%, 50%, 100%, 200%, 400%, 800%, Show Frame, and Show All. (For those of you on the PC, three of these Magnification commands are equivalent to settings available through the Zoom Control drop-down menu.) Three view commands also have corresponding keyboard shortcuts:

  • 100% (Ctrl/Command+1): Depending on your monitor resolution and video card, this setting shows your work at actual size. For example, if your movie size is 500 pixels × 400 pixels and your screen size is 800 × 600, then your movie will occupy roughly 40 percent of your total screen area in Flash.
  • Show Frame (Ctrl/Cmnd+2): This setting adjusts the zoom to show everything within the frame boundary, as defined by the movie properties.
  • Show All (Ctrl/Cmnd+3): This setting adjusts the zoom to fit the contents of the current frame. If the frame is empty, the entire scene is displayed.

Another related command, also accessible from the View Menu, View➪Work Area, is the Work Area command. (On prior versions of Flash, this command was included with the Magnification commands.) This command adjusts the view to include the work area displayed in gray outside the Stage. It’s useful when you’re working with items that are completely or partially out of the scene (or out of view). This command enables you to work with items positioned off-screen.

Compares two brush strokes made with the same exact brush at two different levels of Zoom below. Using the third largest brush, the stroke on the left was painted at a Zoom level of 100%, while the stroke on the right was painted at a Zoom of 200%.

How Zoom affects effective Tool Size

How Zoom affects effective Tool Size

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