Using ASP with Flash Movies Flash

ASP is a technology from Microsoft (see Note) that enables Web developers to produce dynamic content within the convenience of a markup environment. ASP is one of several technologies that combine the power of server-side processing with the ease of HTML-like syntax. The structure of ASP is that of HTML with VBScript or JScript (Microsoft’s version of JavaScript) placed within special tags. When an ASP page is requested on a Web server that supports ASP, it is first interpreted by the ISAPI (Internet Server Application Programming Interface) filter, then the interpreted output is sent back to the requesting client. This model is different from that of clientside scripting such as JavaScript, which cannot take advantage of the power of the server. It is also different from CGI (Common Gateway Interface) programs in that ASP enables the developer to provide a server-side solution just as CGI programs do, but often with much greater ease.The following tutorial by James Baker shows you how to create a login system with ASP and Flash movies.

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