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The Flash Magnifier Tool (Z) is similar to the zoom tool of many other programs. It has two options, Zoom In and Zoom Out. The Z key is the keyboard shortcut for the Magnifier Tool on both the Mac and the PC. Although this may seem counterintuitive, the Magnifier Tool is nearly synonymous with the Zoom Tool furthermore, this keyboard shortcut brings Flash into alignment with usage established in other major software. Keyboard shortcuts for tools located in the Drawing Toolbar are single keystrokes. For example, simply press the Z key to activate the Magnifier Tool. Throughout this book, we indicate keyboard shortcuts with the following notation:
Magnifier Tool (Z).

Zoom In/Zoom Out
Zoom In brings you closer to the drawing so that you’re viewing it at a higher level of magnification, whereas Zoom Out pulls you away from the drawing by showing it at a lower level of magnification. Each level of Zoom In brings you in twice as close, and each level of Zoom Out pulls you away in increments of one-half. In addition, here’s a less obvious use of the Zoom Tool: If you double-click the Magnifier Tool, it forces the movie to display at 100 percent.

The Magnifier Tool’s options are Zoom In and Zoom Out.

The Magnifier Tool’s options are Zoom In and Zoom Out

To toggle the Magnifier Tool between the Zoom In and the Zoom Out options on the PC, press Alt+click. On the Mac, press Option+click. Another way of working with the Zoom Tool, which is useful when you want to zoom in on a specific area of your work, is to activate the Magnifier Tool either by clicking it in the Drawing Toolbar or by pressing the (Z) key and then dragging out a rectangle with the Magnifier Tool in the Flash work space. Flash opens the rectangular area at the highest level of magnification that includes the entire area of the rectangle

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