The Hand Tool Flash

When you’re zoomed in close on the screen, you have two methods for moving around the stage. You can use the scroll bars, or you can use the Hand Tool, which looks like a little gloved hand. Although the scroll bars might be more familiar, especially if you are unfamiliar with drawing and graphics applications, you’ll probably find that you can navigate the Flash workspace contents more accurately and intuitively by using the Hand Tool (H). Use this tool by clicking and dragging (while holding down the mouse) in the direction that you want to move the screen. It’s important to note that the Hand Tool does not move items in a scene to a new location the Arrow Tool does that. Rather, the Hand Tool shifts the viewable portion of a scene to reveal another section that may be positioned awkwardly or somewhere off-screen. In addition to this functionality, there’s a less obvious use of the Hand Tool it will fit the Stage in the frame.

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