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Although the Eraser Tool is neither a Drawing nor a Painting Tool, we feel that it belongs together with the Drawing and Painting Tools rather than orphaned in a category of its own. After all, without the Eraser Tool to complement the Drawing and Painting Tools, the process of Drawing and Painting might get impossibly complex one mistake and you’d have to start over. The Eraser Tool is used in concert with the Drawing and Painting Tools to obtain final, usable art. As the name implies, the Eraser Tool is primarily used for erasing. When the Eraser Tool is active, three options appear in the Options Tray, as shown below. The Erase Mode option and the Eraser Shape option are both drop-down menus with multiple options. The third option, the Faucet button, is used to clear enclosed areas of fill. The only alternative to using the Eraser Tool to remove graphic elements or areas of drawings is to select them and then delete them by pressing either the Delete or the Backspace key.

The Eraser Tool has three options: the Erase Mode, Eraser Shape, and the Faucet.

The Eraser Tool has three options: the Erase Mode, Eraser Shape, and the Faucet.

Using the Eraser Shape option
The Eraser Shape option defines both the size and shape of the eraser. As shown below, it’s a simple drop-down menu with ten brushes available in two shapes: circular and square. These are arrayed in two banks of five sizes each, ranging from small to large.

Using the Eraser’s Faucet option
The Eraser Tool’s Faucet option is Flash’s version of selective annihilation kind of like a neutron bomb. The Faucet option deletes an entire line segment or area of fill with a single click. Using the Faucet option is the equivalent of selecting and deleting an entire line or fill in a single step. Select the Eraser Tool, and then choose the Faucet Option button. Click the offending item to say goodbye. Clicking a selected line or fill erases all selected lines or fills.

Using the Erase Mode option
The Erase Mode option both controls and limits what and how the Eraser Tool erases. As shown below, the Erase Mode pop-up reveals five options: Erase Normal, Erase Fills, Erase Lines, Erase Selected Lines, and Erase Inside. These function in a similar manner to the Brush Mode options:

  • Erase Normal: With this, the Eraser Tool functions like a normal eraser. It erases all lines and fills that it passes over, as long as they are on the active layer.
  • Erase Fills: In Erase Fills Mode, the Eraser Tool becomes a specialty eraser, erasing only fills and leaving lines unaffected.
  • Erase Lines: When in Erase Lines Mode, the Eraser Tool works by erasing lines only and leaving fills unaffected.
  • Erase Selected Fills: In Erase Selected Fills Mode, the Eraser Tool becomes even more specialized. In this mode, it only erases fills that are currently selected, leaving unselected fills and all lines unaffected.
  • Erase Inside: With Erase Inside Mode, the Eraser Tool only erases the area of fill on which you initiate erasing. This is much like the Erase Selected Fills Mode, except that the selection is accomplished with the initial erasure. In this mode, the eraser leaves all other fills and all lines unaffected.

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