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There are several considerations to be cognizant of when preparing Flash sound for export. For Web-based delivery, the primary concern is to find an acceptable middle ground between file size and audio quality. But the concept of acceptability is not absolute; it is always relative to the application.

Consider, for example, a Flash Web site for a record company. In this example, sound quality is likely to be more important than file size because the audience for a record company will expect quality sound. In any case, consideration of both your audience and your method of delivery will help you to determine the export settings you choose. Luckily, Flash 5 has new capabilities that can enhance the user’s experience both by optimizing sounds more efficiently and by providing improved programming features to make download delays less problematic.

There are two ways of optimizing your sound for export. The quickest, simplest way is to use the Publish Settings and apply a one-setting-optimizes-all approach. This works well only if all of your sound files are from the same source. It also will not deliver the highest possible level of optimization. If you demand that your Flash movie has the smallest possible file size, or if your Flash project includes audio from disparate sources, or uses a combination of audio types such as button sounds, background music, speech it’s better to fine-tune the audio settings for each sound in the Library. This method gives you much better control over output.

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