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Flash 5 provides the amazing capability to import QuickTime movie files into the Library. If you want to synch your Flash movie with a preexisting QT movie, you can bring the QT movie into a Flash scene and play both movies simultaneously in the authoring environment of Flash. When you’re finished, you can export the Flash movie as a QuickTime Flash movie, using either the Export or Publish commands. The result is a QT movie with video, audio, and Flash tracks. At the time of this writing, you need QuickTime 4 to pull off this stunt with the unfortunate limitation that you can’t use any Flash 4 or higher actions yet. QuickTime 4 can only interpret Flash 3.0 or earlier actions. This means that any ActionScripting is not recognized. Furthermore, you can’t export a Flash movie (.SWF file) from Flash 5 with both Flash content and imported QuickTime movies. To play QuickTime movies with Flash content, you need to use the QuickTime format (.MOV).

When you import a QuickTime file into Flash, you need to keep your original QuickTime movie file independent of the Flash (.FLA) file. Flash does not make a copy of the QuickTime file inside the movie. Rather, it links to the external QuickTime movie file for playback and rendering purposes. QuickTime 4 Supported Actions in Flash Movies:

You should have the latest version of QuickTime 4 installed (4.1.2). If you already installed the original 4.0 release of QuickTime, run the QuickTime Updater application that is installed with QuickTime 4 to check and update your current version.

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